Champers Ring with Diamond Bubbles and Hand Engraved Initials


Laura Lobdell's Champers Ring is a iconic symbol of celebrating, every day. Each Champers Ring is copyrighted, signed, numbered and hand crafted in New York City.

The Champers Ring is based on the Champagne bottle's muselet & capsule. In 14K Gold, with nine diamonds set like bubbles floating up your Champagne flute, including up to three hand engraved initials.

The added room underneath the cap, adds about a half size of room to your ring fit.  Champers Rings are most fun worn on either of your first two fingers.  For sizing, please note that if your finger measures a 7, then you will likely be happy to wear a 6 1/2 in Champers.

 As Seen in Food & Wine Magazine - Best Extravagant Gift for Food Lover