Buckets Baby Ring Sterling Silver Champagne Bucket Knobs - Laura Lobdell
another view of Buckets Baby Ring Champagne Bucket knobs

Buckets, Baby Ring

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As in love you Buckets, Baby -- Champagne Buckets.  

The Bucket Collection Story:  Paris is a Champers® dream. Café au lait at Flore.  Stands of crème fraiche at L’Ami Louis. Ice skating in front of the Hôtel de Ville. All magical, but it’s a Sunday visit to Les Puces that holds special allure for we treasure hunters. There we find things and ourselves enlivened by French patina.

 So, it was at the flea market that a perfectly vintaged deco Champagne Bucket made its way into our lives and then sparked a new collection. The Bucket Collection provides a happy companion to Champers®.  

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