How To Champers®

How To Choose Your Champers® Rings and Things.

Champers Comes in three sizes in each style of jewelry, rings, pendants, bracelets:  

Champers - is about life size - if life is a Champagne Bottlecap.

"Ti Champers our medium. 

Champers, Baby the small size - roughly a dime if 'Ti is a nickel.

Please refer to photo for scale - click through to also view rings.

(Tiny Champers from the Matchbox Jewels is about the diameter of a pencil eraser).

Fitting your Champers:

We offer 'Ti Champers and Champers Baby with open backs to allow for easy sizing upon ordering. 

Most of our Champers Crew wear our full-size rings on our index and middle fingers.  Please consider which finger you'll choose & measure accordingly.

Under the Capsule, there is extra room for your knuckle making The Champers (largest size) Ring fit functionally 1/2 size larger than it will measure. Ie. if you measure your index finger as a size 7, order the Champers Ring in 6 1/2.

"Ti Champers is less than 1/2 a size more generous, but it is a generous fit.

Champers, Baby offers about 1/4 size of extra room. Again, we suggest the open back if you would like to have the flexibility of sizing.  

Open backs are not meant to change sizes but to fit to the size you wear - repeated bending of even precious metal will cause the metal to become more brittle and could result in breakage.

Champers is a Registered Trademark of Laura Lobdell® and the Champers Ring© & Collection is copyrighted with all rights reserved.  


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